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Happy Family

Lauren Kalvari
PhD Cand., MSW., BSW., BA (Hons)., RSW

Strength- Based Online Counseling &
Towards Resilience and Growth
About Me

There is very little that surprises me about people or life. I am open-minded, intrigued and inspired by people. I genuinely  feel a sense of community responsibility and love for others. I am in my 50,s,  married and have 4 children. I have a severely disabled son, an adult daughter and a couple teenage boys. I am a spiritually connected person that finds meaning in bringing light into parts of ourselves that may feel dark. I have a sense of humor and a strong intuition. I have

worked in the past for provincial welfare and mental health agencies. I currently  offer my services to charities regarding intimate partner violence, disability and aging issues.  

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What I Offer
Individual Therapy
Couple Therapy
Family Therapy
Young Family

Getting Help

We all need to reach out and connect at certain times in our lives.

This is a safe, open and non judgmental space for you to take your first step towards the light.

My years of training, experience, wisdom and use of effective, evidence based therapy can impact the direction of your life going forward.

Please feel free to email with any questions or

we  can schedule a free 15 minute virtual consultation:

  • Experience Joy 

  • Live in the Moment 

  • Remove Self Judgment

  • Rebuild Self Esteem

  • Recreate Identity

  • Replace Stress

  • Refocus Anxiety

  • Remove Depression

  • Find Hope, Meaning and Purpose

Happy Family

What Clients Say

I felt hopeless about my situation. I can honestly say that I feel a reason to live again. I cannot recommend Lauren enough!
She really cares and had a way of finding connections that really opened my awareness
Sarah .G. Age 53 
Happy Family

Contact Now

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Please email for bookings or to schedule a free 15 minute consultation:

 cell: 647 234- 6645

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