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An Effective Mantra: Notice and Observe - Without Attaching

Mindfulness meditation tends to practice these notions of noticing ones wandering thoughts or feelings, without necessarily internalizing them. In my own psychotherapy practice I find this ability to be resilient enough so one can make a space to "see" the inner workings outside ones body so to speak, to be enormously helpful.

Developing this practice of objectifying, for example the pain, the anxiety, the shame or even the hate truly allows one the ability to identify and unpack unpleasant feelings and attached thoughts, without internalizing the attached intense reactions. Superficially we may view this as a simple type of cognitive restructuring but in fact it may border on a form of somatic therapy where we leave our body and look back at our "self" with more open eyes. We may even be able to in turn notice and observe our bodily reactions, to become aware of our heart rate, the stiffness of our shoulders or the heaviness in our chest. When I work with people I cannot isolate the mind-body connection in not only my assessment lens, but most importantly in practice.

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